Manufacturing Capabilities

AgBiTech manufactures all its products in the key Australian agricultural centre of Toowoomba.

Our purpose-built manufacturing plant is world class. It uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We designed the plant specifically to give us the capacity to meet global market demands efficiently and at a food grade standard.

Some of our products require us to produce insect viruses in vivo. This involves mass rearing insects and infecting larvae to produce the virus. For this reason, our manufacturing plant is highly specialised and utilises proprietary technology we developed. 

We use a multi-step production process, which is automated wherever possible. Our technicians are continually refining and testing each production step to maximise quality and output.

Having high levels of quality control means we consistently produce good quality, high concentration products.

If you are interested in using AgBiTech’s leading biological insect control solutions, find out more on our Products page.