About AgBiTech

Australian owned and headquartered, AgBiTech is a global leader and innovator in biological pest controls.

Since, 2002, AgBiTech has been delivering commercial products that help make farming more profitable and sustainable.

Our proven products deliver cost savings to farmers. They’re also reliable, year-after-year. That’s because we combine farming knowledge with cutting-edge science and proprietary technology to develop and manufacture each of our products.

At AgBiTech, we always put the farmer first. You could say we’re obsessive in our commitment to the farmer. Our team includes people in the field to provide on the spot advice. We also like to work in partnership with the grower so you get the best out of our products. If the product doesn’t fit, then we will tell you.

Our commitment to the grower means we continually strive to meet demand for our products. We're able to respond quickly to unexpected requirements due to short formulation lead times, a large depot network, buffer stocks and rapid in-field support. We also keep our prices down. If we can make a cost saving in the manufacturing process, we’ll pass savings onto the grower.

AgBiTech manufactures all its products in Australia. We guarantee the consistent high quality of our products. In fact, the quality is so good it actually meets Australian food grade standards.

When scientists help found a company, you can be certain innovation and research are a priority. AgBiTech prides itself on being an innovator. We’re continually improving our production processes. We also have several new products under development.