New application methods for ViVUS Gold

August 2006

Research and development by Ag Biotech has led to registration of ViVUS Gold for application in ultra-low volume (ULV) and via overhead irrigation water. These new use patterns provide growers with increased flexibility when applying ViVUS Gold.

ULV application offers growers and aerial operators the ability to treat large areas in a short period of time (such as during Helicoverpa outbreaks in sorghum). ULV application is also useful to improve coverage during hot, dry conditions, when application in water by air can result in evaporation and poor coverage.

Growers using overhead irrigation water can now apply ViVUS Gold to their crop by adding it to their overhead irrigation water, in much the same way that some fertilisers are used. This method ensures thorough coverage of the crop providing highly effective control of Helicoverpa larvae.

See the ViVUS Max label for more details.