New crops for ViVUS Gold

New crops for ViVUS Gold

August 2006

ViVUS Gold has, for a number of years, played an important role in Helicoverpamanagement in sorghum, sweet corn, chickpeas and lettuce. Extensive research by Ag Biotech has resulted in registration of ViVUS Gold in a wide variety of crops including cereal grains, pulses, oilseeds, potatoes, berryfruit, brassicas, cucurbits, leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, pome fruit, flowers and ornamental plants (refer to the label for the complete list of crops).

This exhaustive crop list means that many more growers now have access to the effective and selective protection of ViVUS Gold against Helicoverpa larvae. Other advantages of the product include nil impact on beneficial species and the environment, nil withholding period, high user safety and it is Australian made and owned.