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Insect target

Helicoverpa insects (common names include cotton bollworm, corn earworm and tomato fruit worm)

Registered crops Cotton, Green beans, Sweet corn

Pack sizes 20L, 200L

Magnet mimics plant pheromones to attract and kill the adult Helicoverpa before they can lay their eggs.

By killing moths before they lay their eggs, growers can reduce their reliance on foliar applied insecticides for larval control.

Magnet is a blend of 6 plant volatiles and feeding stimulants. These mimic the type of odours that moths use to find nectar rich flowers.

The volatile blend attracts moths to treated strips in the crop. The moths feed on the strips, which contain a registered insecticide added just prior to mixing.

Magnet provides moth control for 4 to 6 days. It can result in up to 95% reduction in moth numbers. (The decrease in adult numbers reduces egg lay and larval numbers.)

For best results, use Magnet on a pre-emptive schedule. Used this way, Magnet provides cost effective, ongoing suppression of Helicoverpa.

When using Magnet as a knockdown product, use a higher rate. This provides fast suppression of egg lay, with a minimum of 2 applications recommended. 

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Targets the adult stage (moths)

Controls the pest before eggs are laid

Applied to less than 2% of the crop

Low environmental impact and low application cost

Kills a high proportion of moths in the treated area

70-90% reduction in egg numbers

Effective for 4-6 days

Ongoing reduction in moth numbers

Treated areas act as moth ‘sinks’

Area wide impact on pest pressure

Nil or negligible impact on beneficial species

Will not flare secondary pests and suitable for Integrated Pest Management systems

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