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Pack sizes 20L and 1000L

Optimol is a molasses and crop oil based additive that enhances the performance of ViVUS Max. The product is a blend of molasses (containing sucrose, glucose and fructose), sucrose and petroleum oil.

Independent (Queensland Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry) and in-house researchers have shown the combination of ingredients in Optimol improves ViVUS Max efficacy.

The product increases overall larvae mortality and speed of kill.

In most situations, growers can achieve maximum insect control with ViVUS Max through well-timed application and adherence to label directions. However, under certain conditions, Optimol can improve insect control.

Conditions in which to use Optimol:

  • Hot (above 30°C) and dry (below 40% relative humidity) conditions during spraying
  • Cooler conditions (<25°C) that may cause reduced larval activity and feeding
  • High UV light conditions
  • Targeting high larval numbers or larvae at the larger end of the recommended size spectrum for the insecticide
  • Low volume aerial application in sorghum (down to 10 L per hectare).

Optimol also improves the effectiveness of ViVUS Max in cotton, pulse crops and lucerne.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Improves spray coverage

Oil in Optimol reduces its droplet evaporation. This is valuable in hot, dry conditions and with lower volume sprays.

The combination of the oil and molasses components also improves droplet adherence to the plant surface.

Improves residual activity

The sugar in Optimol provides a stable, acidic microclimate that is more suitable for baculovirus on the plant surface.

The oil reduces the damage to the baculovirus caused by UV light.

Combined, the sugar and oil protect the baculovirus from degradation by plant chemicals in certain crops (such as pulses and cotton).

Increases initial uptake and infection

The molasses, sugar and oil components in Optimol greatly increase baculovirus infectivity. Researchers believe Optimol protects virus particles from inactivation by plant chemicals inside the gut, and may increase larval susceptibility to NPV. Research in this area is ongoing.

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