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Insect target

Spodoptera fruigiperda (fall armyworm) and Spodoptera exigua (beet armyworm)

Registered crops Sorghum, cereal Grains, alfalfa, oilseed, potatoes, pulses, cotton, sweetcorn, turf and pastures, berryfruit, brassica vegetables, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, ornamental flowers and plants, pome fruit.

Pack sizes 0.25 gallon (1 quart)

Fawligen in a high quality, high concentrate formulation of Spodoptera fruigiperda nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV), a naturally occuring and highly effective natural virus of Spodoptera spp. It can be used as a classical insecticide to target economic populations of Fall Armyworm and Beet Armyworm, or applied at first appearance of the pest, which introduces the virus into the crop early to provide season long benefits.

Fawligen is a key tool for the integrated control of Fall Armyworm, as part of an IPM program.  Due to the virus's ability to self-replicate, one application of Fawligen will provide season-long control suppression as the virus multiplies and spreads throughout the caterpillar population.  This can delay the need for chemical control and reduce the overall control costs, and provide large reductions in crop damage to reduce the risk of significant yield loss.

Fawligen provides this continuous pest suppression without impacting beneficial species and causing flare-ups in other insect populations

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Naturally occurring biological insecticide

Safe for people, animals and the environment

Self replicating

Season long control

Novel mode of action

Control caterpillars resistant to chemistry and Bt traits

Highly specific to Fall Armyworm and Beet Armyworm

No impact on beneficial species

Targeted Control of Fall armyworm and Beet armyworm

Ideal for Integrated Pest Management

No residuesNil withholding period
High concentration formulation

Low application rates and reduced storage requirements

Versatile application options

Can be applied by ground, air or chemigation

Rainfall enhances performance

No need to delay application if rain was expected